Southern Stands
4 x 6 High Roller
Atascosa Wildlife Systems Deer Stands

5 x 5 x 10 Foot Fiberglass Deer Stand by Atacosa Wildlife Supply

Atascosa Blinds Standard Features

  • Valspar Pre-Painted Exterior
  • All Metal Blind, NO WOOD or Fiberglass to Rot
  • Insulated with 2″ #2lb Heavy Foam Metal on Inside & Out
  • Aluminum Framed Real Glass Windows
  • Wasp, Water & Owl Proof
  • Full Walk-Thru Door with Keyed Lock
  • Carpeted Floors
  • Heavy Duty 3x3 1/4″ Angle Iron on Tower
  • Valspar Olive Drab with Black Camo Pattern
  • Double Handrail & Non-Slip Grating Staircase
  • Large Heavy-Duty Grated Porch & Handrails
  • Towers over 4ft. Tall are Bolted Together to Tower Frames

Atascosa Blinds Options

  • Trex Shooting Shelves Under All Windows
  • Additional Shelving for Storage
  • Carpet Up to the Windows
  • Window Awnings
  • Bow/Rifle Window Combo
  • Custom Color
  • Window in Door
  • Delivery & Setup Anywhere in the U.S.
  • Bushlan Camo
  • Any Custom Application Requested
  • Luxury Package
Texas Deer Stands

Texas Deer Stands

Fiberglass deer blinds from Southern Stands are low maintenance. All you have to do is hunt! These premium blinds only need painting every 10 years. A one time only investment – Hunt for 30-40 years from the same blind. Fiberglass does not rust or deteriorate!
BOSS Game Systems

BOSS Game Systems

Why choose a Boss fiberglass deer blind? Fiberglass offers dozens of benefits over wood and metal. Since 1994, the Boss family has continuously strived to build the best deer hunting accessories, bar none. With Boss Game Systems and Southern Stands you can’t lose!
BOSS Buck Feeders

BOSS Buck Feeders

Southern Stands offers a complete line of Boss Buck deer feeders and deer feeder parts. Boss Buck is the manufacturer of the cutting edge line of patented Non-Typical Wildlife Feeders. The most durable, light-weight, high feed capacity, versatile deer feeders available today.
The Camp Cooler

The Camp Cooler

This is a cooler designed specifically for wild game. There are sliding hangars installed in the ceiling making it easier for you to store your kill until it is time process it. Don’t waste your valuable  hunting time driving to the deer processor! A Southern Stands exclusive.

The South's #1 Deer Stand Choice

Call Today For More Information About Our Fiberglass Deer Stands from Texas Deer Stands or Boss Game Systems and Automatic Deer Feeders from Boss Buck Feeders. Southern Stands is the top choice for deer hunters all over the deep South including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.
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