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MB Ranch King Blinds

MB Ranch King Blinds

The New Standard of Quality Blinds for Serious Hunters

We have the privilege to provide you with blinds that are leading the hunting industry. We work hard to bring you nothing but best quality products that will give you the highest comfort and outstanding results in your hunting experience. Thank you for choosing MB Ranch King Blinds.

As a Family that Hunts in Texas And has for the last 4 generations, we have used deer hunting blinds for over 60 years. We have built a lot of blinds over the years and experimented with a lot of designs. We learned that they would usually require work each year before we could use them again for the season. By the time we added up all the materials and the time we put in the cost each year was very high. We needed a solution that would last so we developed MB Ranch King Blinds. Deer Blinds for all!

Our Quality of materials, workmanship and service allows us to guarantee our blinds 100% for customers satisfaction. If exceptions are not met we will repair, replace or refund at no expense to the customer. 10-year warranty on non-peeling, non-fading camo metal.

Ranch King Deer Blinds are some of the best quality deer blinds on the market today. Southern Stands is an authorized dealer and carries the full line of M.B. Ranch King blinds. There are several models to choose from, both Insulated and Economy. Delivery and set-up available.  Please visit our showroom or contact Randy at (601)431-0721  for more details about prices and inventory or delivery and set up.

8×8 Insulated Blind by Ranch King


Room enough for 6 adults. Family size blind!!! Lots of Room. 7 windows, No Blind Spots!

Ranch King 8 x 8 Insulated Blinds

8×8 Insulated Blind by Ranch King Features

  • 7’ Ceiling Height
  • 26 Gauge Metal Exterior Real Tree Camo Finish
  • Square tube welded structure
  • 2” Foam Insulation
  • Camo Carpet Floor & Shelf
  • Wood Trim Molding
  • 28” x 70” Storm Door
  • Exterior Window & Door Shades
  • Insect & Rodent Proof
  • 3/8 Yellow Pine stained, sealed & Cleared wood interior
  • No Blind Spots
  • Platform with Handrail
  • 2′ Wide EZ-Climb Stairs with Handrail
  • Heavy Gauge Tubing Legs & Bracing Available Features

Ranch King Insulated Blinds Available Sizes

  • 6 x 6 with 5 Foot Tower
  • 6 x 8 with 10 Foot Tower
  • 6 x 10 with 15 Foot Tower

8×8 Insulated Blind by Ranch King Available Options

  • Window Gun Rest Pads
  • Curtains
  • Solar Kit

Southern Stands carries a full line of M.B. Ranch King hunting blinds. For more information or to order a blind, please call Randy at  (601)431-0721

Texas Deer Stands

Texas Deer Stands

Fiberglass deer blinds from Southern Stands are low maintenance. All you have to do is hunt! These premium blinds only need painting every 10 years. A one time only investment – Hunt for 30-40 years from the same blind. Fiberglass does not rust or deteriorate!

BOSS Game Systems

BOSS Game Systems

Why choose a Boss fiberglass deer blind? Fiberglass offers dozens of benefits over wood and metal. Since 1994, the Boss family has continuously strived to build the best deer hunting accessories, bar none. With Boss Game Systems and Southern Stands you can’t lose!

BOSS Buck Feeders

BOSS Buck Feeders

Southern Stands offers a complete line of Boss Buck deer feeders and deer feeder parts. Boss Buck is the manufacturer of the cutting edge line of patented Non-Typical Wildlife Feeders. The most durable, light-weight, high feed capacity, versatile deer feeders available today.

The Camp Cooler

The Camp Cooler

This is a cooler designed specifically for wild game. There are sliding hangars installed in the ceiling making it easier for you to store your kill until it is time process it. Don’t waste your valuable  hunting time driving to the deer processor! A Southern Stands exclusive.

The South's #1 Deer Stand Choice

Call Today For More Information About Our Fiberglass Deer Stands from Texas Deer Stands or Boss Game Systems and Automatic Deer Feeders from Boss Buck Feeders. Southern Stands is the top choice for deer hunters all over the deep South including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

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