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Fish Feeder
Fish Feeder

I Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I love these ATV Feeders! I have used them for over 3 years and I will never buy any other feeder! Thanks for making a great product!! I had been buying some from WalMart thinking I was getting a deal. NO COMPARISON. I will never buy another brand. Yours is the best on the market no doubt.

Happy Hunter

Texas Hunter Fish Feeder 70 lb. or 175 lb. or 250 lb.

Growing bigger fish faster requires an effective feeding program.  Although nutrition is an important part, utilizing a reliable feeder to accurately program and dispense the feed is the foundation of your successful feeding program.  Texas Hunter has engineered and built the industry’s premier directional fish feeder.  The Texas Hunter Fish Feeder has a dual stage timer, two motors, and a patented blower system that will ensure the performance necessary for a successful program.  These feeders are available in various sizes and leg configurations to meet your specific needs.  When you install the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder, you will immediately see why this is the number one choice with professional lake management companies. Made Under U.S. Utility Patent # 7,222,583

Includes Premium Digital Timer for Directional Fish Feeders

The Timer is the heart of any feeder. The success of a successful feeding program will depend on the accuracy and reliability of the Timer. The Premium Digital Timer from Texas Hunter is designed to provide long term trouble-free operation. Feed times are very precise and the timer comes with built-in diagnostics. By simply pressing a button, you will know if your Timer, battery, and solar charger are working properly. There is even a troubleshooting feature to verify proper motor operation. The Texas Hunter Premium Timer was specifically designed for directional feeders utilizing two motors. This timer provides a dual stage operation required to accurately schedule the proper sequencing and run time of each motor. These Timers are used in all Texas Hunter Directional Feeders, the number one choice for Lake Management Professionals across America.

  • Feeds 1 – 9 times daily.
  • Run Time 1 – 60 seconds per feeding.
  • Displays current time of day.
  • No internal batteries or fuses to maintain.
  • Display flashes to indicate optional Solar Charger is working properly.
  • Built-In Battery Tester displays battery strength as Good, Fair, or Poor.
  • Test Feature has a 10 second delay and allows a 1 to 60 second test run.
  • Built-In non-volatile memory chip maintains feed settings, even if the timer is disconnected from the battery.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on all Texas Hunter Premium Digital Timers.
  • Designed to operate Texas Hunter Directional Feeders
Texas Deer Stands

Texas Deer Stands

Fiberglass deer blinds from Southern Stands are low maintenance. All you have to do is hunt! These premium blinds only need painting every 10 years. A one time only investment – Hunt for 30-40 years from the same blind. Fiberglass does not rust or deteriorate!

BOSS Game Systems

BOSS Game Systems

Why choose a Boss fiberglass deer blind? Fiberglass offers dozens of benefits over wood and metal. Since 1994, the Boss family has continuously strived to build the best deer hunting accessories, bar none. With Boss Game Systems and Southern Stands you can’t lose!

BOSS Buck Feeders

BOSS Buck Feeders

Southern Stands offers a complete line of Boss Buck deer feeders and deer feeder parts. Boss Buck is the manufacturer of the cutting edge line of patented Non-Typical Wildlife Feeders. The most durable, light-weight, high feed capacity, versatile deer feeders available today.

The Camp Cooler

The Camp Cooler

This is a cooler designed specifically for wild game. There are sliding hangars installed in the ceiling making it easier for you to store your kill until it is time process it. Don’t waste your valuable  hunting time driving to the deer processor! A Southern Stands exclusive.

The South's #1 Deer Stand Choice

Call Today For More Information About Our Fiberglass Deer Stands from Texas Deer Stands or Boss Game Systems and Automatic Deer Feeders from Boss Buck Feeders. Southern Stands is the top choice for deer hunters all over the deep South including Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

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